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Aircon Stem Cleaning


Chemical washing is a way to maintain and extend the life of your air conditioner. The process involves:


  1. Using special equipment to clean the air conditioner's evaporator coils.

  2. Removing dust and dirt.

  3. Chemical wash to remove any residue left behind.


At Caredy Air-Conditioning and Electrical Services, we understand that air-conditioning systems can break down and start leaking, causing dampness and humidity in your house due to unclean or blocked systems. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair any leaks quickly and efficiently – air con cleaning services are available upon request. 




A chemical wash for an air-conditioning system involves using chemicals to clean the internal components of the unit. The chemicals are typically applied through a spraying process to remove any residue left behind from the steam cleaning procedure.  Keep in mind that a clean air conditioner that runs more efficiently will use less energy and save you money on your energy bills. We recommend you get a chemical wash for your air conditioner every one to two years, depending on the specific needs of your system and the conditions in which it operates.




Deep Cleaning: Aircon servicing chemical washes penetrate internal components, removing stubborn dirt and residue that accumulates over time.


Optimal Performance: A clean aircon works more effectively, providing consistent cooling performance throughout its operational life.


Energy Savings: Reduced energy consumption is a direct result of an efficiently operating aircon, leading to cost savings on energy bills.


Less Maintenance: Regular aircon chemical washes minimise the need for frequent repairs, saving you both time and money in the long run.




Window Units: Our skilled technicians have the expertise to perform aircon steam cleaning and chemical washes on various types of aircon systems, including window units.


Split Systems: For split systems, we meticulously clean both indoor and outdoor units, ensuring comprehensive maintenance.


Central Air Conditioning: Our team is equipped to handle maintenance for central air-conditioning systems, promoting efficiency and performance.




Personalised Solutions Tailored to Your Needs


Customised Maintenance Plans: At Caredy Air-Conditioning and Electrical Services, we understand that every aircon has unique requirements. Our experts work closely with you to develop personalised maintenance plans that cater to your system's specific needs.


Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Whether you prefer seasonal maintenance or annual servicing, we are here to ensure your aircon receives the attention it deserves.


Expert Recommendations: Our technicians not only provide maintenance but also offer insights and recommendations based on the condition of your aircon. We guide you on the ideal frequency of steam cleaning, chemical washes, and other maintenance activities.


Quality Equipment for Unmatched Results


State-of-the-Art Tools: Our commitment to excellence extends to the tools we use. We employ advanced, state-of-the-art equipment for steam cleaning and chemical washes, ensuring thorough cleaning and effective results.


Eco-Friendly Approach: While our equipment is powerful, it's also environmentally conscious. Our methods prioritise eco-friendliness, making sure that our maintenance practices align with sustainability principles.




When choosing a service that will do a professional job of chemical washing air conditioners, it is crucial to choose a reputable company with qualified technicians. It is also vital to ensure that the company is able to provide a guarantee for their work, as well as being able to provide proof of insurance.

So, if what you are looking for is a reliable air conditioner chemical washing service in Singapore, then look no further than Caredy Air-Conditioning and Electrical Services. We offer fast, reliable and trustworthy air-conditioning services in Singapore, including the removal of dust and dirt, chemical cleaning, regular maintenance and servicing to prevent aircon leaking issues. Choose from our extensive range of air con maintenance services, such as cleaning, servicing, repairing, and the replacement of parts. We also provide preventive maintenance services to ensure that your air-conditioning systems are always running at their optimal performance. Contact us today for all your maintenance needs.

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